If you have questions regarding the Accepted Caterers, Bus Charters or Entertainment Vendors please contact the departments as listed as below

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All Suppliers doing business with Penn State University must be registered within SIMBA to be paid. See the following link for details on how to register: This is a separate and additional process to the requirements to be placed on the Vendor Lists on this site.


At campus/college locations where the University operates a food service program, the food services have the exclusive right to provide catered food and beverage services in all lodging facilities, conference facilities, dining halls and student union buildings, unless a specific exception is approved.

Exclusive rights apply to the following locations: Abington, Altoona, Beaver, Berks, Brandywine, Dubois, Erie (Behrend), Fayette, Greater Allegheny, Harrisburg, Hazleton, Lehigh Valley, Mont Alto, New Kensington, Schuylkill, Scranton, Shenango, and Wilkes Barre.

All food and snack sales by registered student organizations, other University organizations or offices, and residence hall house governments on University property are prohibited, as are food and beverage sales by individual members and clubs of the University community and by faculty, staff and students.

NOTE: Caterers do NOT need to appear on this list when the University is holding an event off-campus at a facility that either: 1) has its own food service provider or 2) requires users of the facility to only use caterers off a facility authorized list. However, you are encouraged to use University catering services "Catering at Penn State", or an accepted caterer if these requirements do not apply.

**Due to the agreement between the University and Pepsi, any employee representing the University in an official capacity while on-campus (e.g., interviews, open meetings, etc.) should refrain from using or serving beverage products that are in competition with Pepsi. This includes donated product. At list of PepsiCo beverages can be found here: Pepsi Beverage Brands

  • Requirements for Accepted Caterers - Please share this information with potential providers of food, beverage and catering services that would like to be added to the Accepted Caterer list. Contact Housing and Food Service Purchasing at 814-865-6386 or email: [email protected].
  • Vendors must submit their own information. University departments should not submit information on the vendor's behalf.
  • Accepted Caterers - This page provides names, contact addresses, phone numbers, and other information about providers of food, beverage and catering services that have met the University's requirements to provide services to Penn State. (continually updated)
  • Important NOTE: If alcohol is to be served at your event, even if the provider of food, beverages and catering services does not supply, but will serve the alcohol, the provider must carry liquor liability insurance and this must be documented on the Accepted Caterer list. No exceptions are permitted.


A. The Certificate Holder must be shown as:

The Pennsylvania State University

101 Procurement Services

University Park, PA 16802

B. Commercial General Liability insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, written on an occurrence basis, including contractual liability coverage.  The Pennsylvania State University must be shown as an Additional Insured.

C. Commercial Auto Liability insurance with limits of not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence.

D. Statutory Workers’ Compensation; Employer’s Liability insurance with limits of not less than $500,000 for each subcategory of coverage.

Company must comply with the Legal Notice for Motorcoach Operations.  A review is made on the SAFER website.

Any Certificate of Insurance limited to a specific event or date is not acceptable.

By submitting an insurance certificate to be included on this University’s Accepted list, Company acknowledges that it has read University Policy AD72 and will ensure that its employees, subcontractor employees and volunteers (“Company Representatives”) who will work on University premises are aware of the applicable reporting provisions which require Company Representatives who have a reasonable suspicion of child abuse, as defined by Pennsylvania law, to make a report as outlined in the policy.

  • Charter Bus Lines - Charter Bus Lines who have been met the University's insurance requirements. (continually updated)