Disclaimer: This list is intended as a general guide to help identify the correct processing office to start with. This list is ordered alphabetically by University office, and the words "Contract" and "Agreement" can be used interchangeably.

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Type of Contract Description/Purpose University Office to Process
Hangar Use and Lease Agreements for University Park Airport
Auxiliary & Business Services (University Real Estate Services stores these agreements)

Data Use Agreements (Incoming Data)

Granting rights to Penn State to use a specific set of data

Determine by completion of Data Acquisition Request Form
Easements and Right of Way Agreements for Utilities
Energy & Engineering Services (in consultation with University Real Estate Services)

Charitable Contributions to the University

Including, but not limited to:

  • Gift agreements and pledges
  • Incoming scholarships
  • Software or other property donations
Gift Planning

International Exchange Agreements involving Students and/or Faculty

Education Abroad undergraduate reciprocal exchange and direct enrollment programs

Global Programs

International Joint Research Centers

Establishing international research institutes, consortia and centers (Subject to Policy RAG05)

Global Programs

International Collaboration Agreements (LOI, MOU, MOA)

Depending on the type of collaboration. A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a non-binding document that acknowledges intent to explore the possibility of collaboration. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a general agreement that lists areas of possible joint activities, without creating financial obligations or committing resources. Memoranda of Agreeement (MOAs) are used to establish collaborative degree programs, reciprocal exchange and study abroad programs, certain research projects, or joint research centers or consortia.

Global Programs

Affiliation Agreements

Non-financial agreements facilitating relationships with community service organizations for student internships (e.g., student-teaching, clinicals/practicums, and technical prepatory programs).  Submit via email to Jennifer Jacobs, Associate General Counsel.

Jennifer Jacobs, Associate General Counsel, [email protected]

Construction Agreements

Office of Physical Plant

Research-related Subawards and Subcontracts

Office of Sponsored Programs

Research-related Membership Agreements

For joining a consortium or center formed to support a field of study.

Office of Sponsored Programs

Research-related Field Trial Grants

For conducting field tests of agricultural products (primarily used by the College of Agricultural Sciences).

Office of Sponsored Programs

Research-related Clinical Trial Agreements

Terms governing clinical trials (primarily for drugs and medical devices).

Office of Sponsored Programs
Research-related Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreements
Contract with the federal government to cover costs associated with a Penn State faculty member on temporary assignment with a U.S. government agency. Office of Sponsored Programs

Testing Agreements

For Penn State to perform lab testing for external parties (e.g., ARSO (Academic Research Services Order)).

Office of Sponsored Programs
Research-related Purchase Order for Billing Purposes Only
A incoming external Purchase Order related to payment for sponsored research. Office of Sponsored Programs
Research-related Teaming Agreements
Establishing terms and conditions under which parties may collaborate, usually with the intent of writing a proposal together. Office of Sponsored Programs

Research-related Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements

Terms governing one party’s use of another party’s confidential or proprietary information.

Office of Sponsored Programs

Student Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements

Terms governing Penn State undergraduate students’ use of another party’s confidential or proprietary information for completion of a capstone or similar class project.

Office of Sponsored Programs

Research-related Licensing Agreements

See details here: https://www.research.psu.edu/osp/manage-awards/overviews

Office of Technology Management

Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements Related to Licensing of Penn State Intellectual Property

See details here: https://www.research.psu.edu/osp/negotiate-agreements/industry-other/industry-agreement-templates/nda-decision-tree

Office of Technology Management

Material Transfer Agreements

See details here: https://www.research.psu.edu/osp/overview-pages/mta

Office of Technology Management

Intellectual Property Agreement Forms

See details here: https://www.research.psu.edu/otm/forms-guidelines

Office of Technology Management

Articulation Agreements

Admitting students to Penn State, allowing students to transfer courses in a block, or otherwise encouraging movement from another institution to Penn State

Office of Undergraduate Education

Software and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Agreements

Software Request Form

Including, but not limited to:

  • End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Digital Apps -Online Platforms
  • Website Services
  • Courseware
  • Electronic Click-thru


Complete the Software Request Form.  Upon completion of the form, you will be provided instructions on how to finalize our request such as submitting to Risk Management or Purchasing.

Purchasing or Risk Management depending the outcome of the Software Request Form.

Consulting Agreements

See definition in Policy BS 17

Purchasing Services
Temporary Staffing Agreements
Purchasing Services

Business Associate Agreements

Covering HIPAA compliance and protection of personal health information provided to Penn State by a covered entity; entitled "Business Associate Agreement"

Purchasing Services
Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements related to Potential Purchase Order
Terms governing one party's use of another party's confidential or proprietary information. Purchasing Services

All Contracts for Purchases Paid by Purchase Order

See Payment Decision Matrix for allowable payment methods

Purchasing Services

All Contracts for Purchases Paid by PCard When a Hard Signature is Required

See Payment Decision Matrix for allowable payment methods

Purchasing Services

Electronic Click-Through Agreements (other than for software/SaaS)

Per Financial Guideline FNG02(E), any agreements accepted electronically by clicking "I accept" or otherwise; does not include digital e-signatures.

Risk Management Office
Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements not designated to be handled by another office by this table
Terms governing one party's use of another party's confidential or proprietary information. Risk Management Office

Speaker, Entertainer and Other Performer Agreements

Agreements to engage musicians, dancers, entertainers, bands, comedians, hypnotists, rides/inflatables, fireworks and other entertainment

Risk Management Office
Search Firm Agreements
Agreements to engage companies to identify and recruit candidates for key University positions. Risk Management Office
International Tour Provider Agreements
Agreements providing a combination of travel related services (e.g., ground transportation, airfare, lodging, tour guides, and/or itinerary planning etc.) related to a University-sponsored International group trip. Risk Management Office

All Contracts for Purchases Paid by Special Request For Check (SRFC)

See Payment Decision Matrix for allowable payment methods

Risk Management Office

Advertising Agreements

Agreements relating to advertisements placed on behalf of or with Penn State

Strategic Communications

Filiming, Photography & Video Agreements

Agreements for external parties to take photographs or film on Penn State premises or at any Penn State sponsored event

Strategic Communications

Real Estate-related Agreements

Including, but not limited to:

  • Real Property Leases (This includes lease agreements with third parties for space located within or on University-owned property (i.e., cellular agreements, concessionaire agreements, ground leases, office/lab space agreements, residential or retail agreements))
  • Building Access Agreements
  • Penn State Template Facility Use Agreements issued by University Real Estate Services
  • Easements, Right of Way Agreements, and Right of Entry Agreements
  • Real Estate Acquisition & Disposition Agreements
University Real Estate Services