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Penn State’s Treasury Office facilitates the cash management and banking functions of the University by following proper treasury principles in order to protect University assets and manage the University’s operating liquidity to ensure financial obligations are met. The Treasury Office is responsible for the accounting of the University’s investments and the financial aspects of charitable gifts. In addition, we have oversight of the University's capital funding and budgeting to support the University's capital plan. We also administer the University's debt portfolio, including managing debt issuances, and provide oversight for the University's Merchant Management activity. Our goal is to employ best practices for all treasury functions, continually improving the treasury processes to meet the needs of our constituents.


Name Email Phone
Sue Wiedemer [email protected]  (814) 865-1355
Jenna Doksa [email protected] (814) 865-0605
Cheryl Gardner [email protected] (814) 867-2477
Karen Hughes [email protected]  (814) 863-4012
Brenda Knauff [email protected] (814) 863-2838
Brittany Ondish [email protected] (814) 865-2038
Carolyn Saona [email protected] (814) 865-6528
Ron Smoyer [email protected]  (814) 865-6254
Michele Spangler [email protected] (814) 863-6430
Heather Swabick [email protected] (814) 863-6394

Treasury organizational chart (pdf).