The Charles R. Chambers Award

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The Charles R. Chambers Award was established in 1980 in honor of the late Charles R. Chambers who served as Director of Accounting Administration at Penn State.  The Award is presented to two individuals in the Corporate Controller’s organization:  one exempt employee and one non-exempt employee.  Recipients will receive a certificate and a stipend.

The Corporate Controller’s office recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the Corporate Controller organization and University community.

An individual can be a recipient of the Charles R. Chambers Award only one time (see listing of previous award recipients)

Nominate an Employee

Any full-time exempt or non-exempt employee in the Corporate Controller’s organization who meets the criteria for the award is eligible for consideration.  Statements nominating an employee should include, but not be limited to the nominee’s:

  • significant contribution to their department, the Corporate Controller’s organization, or the University,
  • high quality performance,
  • leadership commitment to teamwork, and/or
  • respect (demonstration to the sensitivity) of others.

Please remember the importance in recognizing your co-workers in the manner that Charles Chambers requested:

a full-time employee in the Corporate Controller’s organization who exhibits a conscientious and dedicated attitude toward their professional responsibilities above that normally expected or required

The Award Review Committee is looking for nominations of individuals who demonstrate excellence beyond the job requirements. Nominations and support documents should describe how the nominee meets the criteria for the award. Please use specific examples to demonstrate how the individual meets or exceeds those criteria, and highlight accomplishments that demonstrate commitment to them.

In general, the main supporting document should not exceed three pages, and each additional letter of support should not exceed two pages. Where appropriate, you may add additional documentation. Please submit documentation as a single PDF documentation. (should contain your documentation and the documentation from your supporting nominators) Please do not include additional letters of support from anyone other than the originally specified and identified nominator or supporting nominators. Nominations and supporting documentation for this award are being accepted between February 5 and March 12, 2021. Thank you.

Please note:  Be prepared to upload your supporting document at the time of your nomination.

Step 1: Nominator name and email address

Complete the fields below with your complete name and email address.

Step 2: Select a nominee

Add your nominee's PSU Email Address below:

Note: You cannot nominate yourself. If you need to search for your nominee's PSU Email Address, use the PSU People search- (new tab).

Step 3: Choose up to three people who will provide supporting documents for your nomination

Supporting references: In order to make the award process as equitable as possible, you may ask up to three people to provide supporting documents for your nominee. It is important that you select your supporting references wisely. You must list at least one supporter, but you may ask up to three per nomination.

Please use the person's PSU Email Address. You can use the PSU Person Search (new tab) to find their PSU Email Address.

Step 4: Uploading your supporting document(s) (PDF)
  • You will receive a prompt after you submit your online nomination form with instructions for submitting your supporting documents.
  • Your nomination will be considered incomplete without supporting documents.
  • Supporting Documents (from nominator and supporting nominators) must be submitted as one document in PDF format.