Lion Shrine

Strategic Plan

The scope of change at Penn State since the last strategic planning cycle has been widespread and significant. All of us in the Corporate Controller’s Office have been directly impacted by many changes and have continued to serve students, faculty, staff, and other University customers admirably during this historic period. While we are rightly proud of our past service and accomplishments, it’s fair to say the best is yet to come. With new University  leadership bringing new vision and new energy to the institution, our ability to adapt and improve is critical to the future success of the organization and our ongoing commitment to service and stewardship.

Our strategic plan for 2014-18 reflects a healthy blend of building on past initiatives and embracing new challenges. The plan reminds us to continue our commitment to foster responsible financial decision making University-wide. This initiative confirms our obligation to thoughtfully manage all resources and to promote responsible stewardship to everyone we serve. The plan also embraces emerging new challenges in business process transformation that will arise in connection with the wholesale replacement of our enterprise information systems (IBIS, ISIS, HRIS, etc.). The University’s ambitious plan to replace all of our major business systems in the foreseeable future places the Controller’s Office in a natural leadership role within Finance & Business as we look to facilitate informed selection, design and implementation plans and solutions that meet the institution’s needs. Finally, the plan re-affirms our commitment to the quality of our work force and to improving our working environment within the Controller’s Office. Our people continue to be our greatest single resource. We are renewing our efforts to actively engage employees and prepare each one for individual success that will inevitably result in our collective success as an organization.

With deepest thanks to all who contributed to the development of this plan, it is my sincere hope that each employee will read it and actively participate in the many opportunities that become available during implementation. As an organization, we are highly respected for our knowledge, commitment and dedication to Penn State. We need to continue to demonstrate these characteristics in order to best serve the University and I invite each of you to join me in renewing our commitment to this great institution as momentum builds for the future because We Are .... Penn State.

Joseph J. Doncsecz
Associate Vice President for
Finance & Corporate Controller