Strategic Goals

Our Message

The unifying theme of the strategic goals for the Corporate Controller’s Office is sustainability in the broadest sense. The goals and objectives of our organization demonstrate the natural synergy that exists between financial, organizational and social sustainability over the long term. All dimensions of sustainability are important if Penn State is to continue to prosper and to serve our many customers effectively over the next five years and beyond. The goals of the Corporate Controller’s Office will uniquely position and qualify our organization to provide critical leadership and to serve in key supporting roles as the University embraces unique opportunities and addresses historic challenges in the coming years.

Goal 1: Foster a University-wide culture of responsible financial decision making.

Goal 2: Facilitate Business Process Transformation and Enterprise Systems Implementation.

Goal 3: Recruit, develop, motivate and retain a qualified and diverse work force that will create a welcoming, collaborative, accountable and sustainable work environment in the Controller's Office.