The following listed non-University caterers have met the University's insurance requirements, therefore they may caterer for University events in which University Policy AD26 (University Policy Manual) allows the use of outside caterers. THESE ARE CURRENTLY THE ONLY NON-PSU CATERERS THAT MEET OUR REQUIREMENTS. In order to facilitate your browsing through the list, each caterer has been shown in an individual heading categorized alphabetically. We believe the information given is self descriptive with the exception of the Liquor Liability. A "No" shown under the Liquor Liability heading means the caterer may not serve and/or provide alcohol. Conversely, a "Yes" means they are allowed to serve and/or provide alcohol at Penn State events.

CAUTION: Before contacting any listed caterer, please review Policy AD26 to determine that your event is one that is not required to be handled by the University's Housing and Food Services Catering operations.

Any insurance questions regarding a listed caterer should be directed to the Cris in the Risk Management Office, (814) 865-0512 or via email to

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you can find a caterer on this list that will meet your needs. If you have a new caterer who wishes to become University listed, please see the subject entitled "Insurance Requirements for Caterers."

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Accepted Caterers
Imler's Poultry
PO Box 836
Duncansville,PA 16635
Liquor Liability: No
Special Notes:
gl, auto, umbrella, motor truck cargo expires 11/1/18 w comp expires 1/15/19
Date Valid To: 2018-11-01
India Pavilion Exotic Indian Cuisine
222 East Calder Way
State College,PA 16801
Tel: 814-237-3400
Email Address:
Liquor Liability: No
Date Valid To: 2019-03-18
Infinity Caterers Inc.
4401 Cresson Street
Philadelphia,PA 19127
Tel: 215-509-7280
Email Address:
Liquor Liability: Yes
Date Valid To: 2018-10-14
Insomnia Cookies
421 East Beaver Ave.
State College ,PA 16801
Web Site URL:
Liquor Liability: No
Date Valid To: 2019-04-15
Irving's Bagels Inc.
PO Box 500
State College,PA 16804
Liquor Liability: No
Special Notes:
This includes Irving's at the Airport.
Date Valid To: 2018-08-28
Isaac's Deli
354 North Prince Street
Lancaster,PA 17603
Liquor Liability: No
Date Valid To: 2018-07-01