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Risk Management

Mission Statement

The mission of the Risk Management Office at The Pennsylvania State University is to provide excellent service which will enable the University-wide community to protect revenue and assets, and to facilitate good business judgments permitting the efficient use of resources to accomplish the goals of the University.

We continuously strive to minimize the risk of financial, physical and reputational loss through the proper identification and analysis of risk, implementation of techniques such as loss prevention, contractual risk reduction, self-funding, claim management and insurance. Our scope of work includes risks involving physical, personnel and financial resources, privacy, legal and regulatory compliance. We also serve to educate the community about the role and benefits of risk management in today’s academic and business environment.

Did you know that the official University Name is THE Pennsylvania State University, often times people use Pennsylvania State University.


Risk Management Office
The Pennsylvania State University
227 West Beaver Avenue
Suite 103 Rider Building
State College, PA 16801

Phone: (814) 865-6307

  • Accident, Claims Issues or Attorney Inquiries
    Option 4 for Jared Wise
  • Caterers, Bus Charters or Entertainment Vendors or checking the status of your contract
    Option 2 for Amy Shilling
  • Contracts or Certificates of Insurance
    Option 1 for Cris Boob
    Option 2 for Amy Shilling
    Option 3 for Richel Perretti
    Option 8 for Julie Farris
    Option 9 for Clay Mattson
  • Insurance Issues
    Option 5 for Kim Hannon
    Option 6 for David Snowe
  • Questions regarding alcohol request forms
    Option 5 for Kim Hannon
  • To reach the Risk Officer
    Option 7 for Gary Langsdale

Fax: (814) 865-4029

Office Staff

Risk Management Organizational Chart

Name Title Email Phone
Cristene Boob Contract Coordinator 865-0512
Julie Farris Senior Contract Coordinator 865-2072
Kim Hannon Insurance Support Assistant 863-5545
Gary Langsdale University Risk Officer 865-6308
Clay Mattson Outreach Contract Coordinator 867-5451
Lorrie Neiburg Health Care Operations Risk Mgr. 717-531-0003
ext. 283639
Richel Perretti Contract Manager 863-5538
Amy Shilling Contracts Support Assistant 867-4906
David Snowe Assistant Director 863-4241
Jared Wise Claims Supervisor 863-5539

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