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Corporate Controller Confidentiality Statement

Beginning in 2016, employees in the Penn State Corporate Controller Offices will be required to electronically sign a confidentiality agreement annually.

Affirmative Action Office

Penn State is committed to the concept of affirmative action to ensure equal opportunity in all aspects of employment for those historically excluded and to foster diversity in the University community.

Employee Special Assistance Fund

This fund was designed to provide financial support for faculty and staff facing a wide range of personal or family hardships.

Health Advocate

New in 2012, Penn State is offering a new EAP+Work/Life program, Health Advocate, for eligible employees and their family members. Health Advocate offers two valuable services, accessible through one phone number: 866-799-2728. For online assistance, use the Health Advocate website.

  • Healthcare
  • Finding the right doctor
  • Untangle insurance claims
  • Personal or work-related concern for yourself or your family
  • Much more

Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council, formerly known as the Staff Advisory Committee began in 1995 to act in an advisory capacity to the Central Administration.

Just For You

Employee Self-Service Information Center

This site was designed by the Office of Human Resources with the intent of enabling current and new Penn State employees to gain access and to update their personal information over the internet.



Recruitment & Compensation


You@PSU performance system website

Vacation Donation

On the unfortunate occasion you experience a personal catastrophic event that results in absence from work for a prolonged period of time, University policies outline procedures for the use of applicable paid time off and leaves of absence without pay. In the event that you exhaust all applicable paid time off, coworkers in your work unit may want to donate some of their accumulated vacation time for you to use.

Donation of any vacation time needs to be arranged through your Human Resources Representative so that donations remain anonymous. If it is determined you qualify for the vacation donation program, your Human Resources Representative will communicate there is a need for the time. If time is donated, they will inform you of how much time you have received, but not who has donated. Donations may only be made within your own work unit as defined by the Budget Executive. Employees may donate one day of accumulate vacation at a time.

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