Reconciler Security Access

Purchasing Card Reconcilitation Security Access

A reconciler is a delegate of the Financial Officer and is responsible for reconciling purchasing card transactions for cardholders within their area of responsibility. The reconciler must be familiar with University policy and procedures related to purchasing card transactions and complete the required training. A reconciler must complete the Reconciler Delegation Form before assuming duties as a reconciler within their area. Security requests for Purchasing Card reconcilitation functions must be requested by the Financial Officer of the area. All requests will be approved by Jan Barnoff before access is granted.

Note: Area Security Reps (ASRs) can submit the requests for access to Purchasing Card reconciliation functions, but the Financial Officer must approve the request before it is sent to Jan Barnoff.

IBIS Purchasing Card Reconciler Functions

RPCC (Reconcile Purchasing Card Charges)

BPCC (Browse Purchasing Card Charges)

BPCH (Browse Purchasing Card Holders)

RPNR (Review Purchasing Card Charges Not Reconciled) and UPPD (Update Purpose and Description) are included as part of the Financial Officer's profile. FOs may delegate RPNR to another individual in the Finance Office and UPPD may be delegated as appropriate. These delegations must also be requested through Jan Barnooff.

Note: Access to IPCC (Inquiry to Purchasing Card Charges) and BYPC (Browse Your Purchasing Card Charges) is automatically provided as part of the EASY security profile.