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Property Inventory

Property Inventory is responsible for the recording, inventorying and reporting of all capital plant assets of the University. This includes land, buildings, improvements other than buildings (infrastructure) and equipment. We also maintain equipment inventory and facility files in IBIS. Property Inventory prepares and submits Government Property Reports. We act as the primary interface with Government on all Government Furnished, Acquired or Owned Equipment. We also act as the liaison with property auditors and provide guidance to departments, faculty and staff regarding issues related to property administration and government property regulations.


Interoffice Mail:
Property Inventory, 101 Rider Building

U.S. Mail:
Room 101, 227 West Beaver Avenue, State College, PA 16801

Phone: (814) 865-7531
Fax: (814) 865-9181

Questions for Property Inventory Email:  [email protected]



Equipment Procedures Manual (Web Version) - (11/2016)

Government Procedures Manual (Web Version) - (12/2017)


Assigned Administrative Areas (excel) -- individuals assigned to admin areas.

Equipment Condition Codes -- list of codes and descriptions. (2/2012)

Equipment Tag Examples -- images of equipment tags. (11/2012)

Equipment Tagging Information Form (pdf) -- Internal fillable form.

FACO Codes -- list of codes and descriptions.

Gift Reporting and Transmittal Form (GRT) (External Link)

Govt/Sponsor Disposition Request Form (pdf) -- internal fillable form for using to list details for each equipment item.

Government's Disposal Condition Codes (pdf) -- list of codes and discriptions.

Guidelines for Use of 705 (docx) -- list of guidelines. (8/2015)

IBIS Property Inventory System Browse Screens -- list of functions and descriptions.

Lease Purchase Worksheet (xlsx) -- example of spreadsheet.

PSU Inventory Information Sheet (pdf) 
-- internal fillable form used for logging capital equipment inventory.

Report of Tangible Assets Acquired by Consignment, Lease or Loan(link is external)

-- GURU fillable form used to notify Property Inventory of all tangible assets received for the University by consignment, lease, or loan and for all government owned and sponsor owned items acquired by the University.

Request for Authorization to Use University Tangible Assets at a
Non-University Location
(link is external)



The training documentation below is provided for you to better understand our processes. Please contact our office if you need further assistance and/or have questions.


Property Inventory organizational chart (pdf).

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (814) 865-7531

Name Email Phone
Scott Cingle, Spv

[email protected]

(814) 863-1378
Earl Moore, Asst Spv

[email protected]

(814) 863-0784
Kara Bressler

[email protected]

(814) 863-1397
Serena Confer

[email protected]

(814) 863-1828
Morgan G. Barnard

[email protected]

(814) 863-2116
Keila Sharkey

[email protected]

(814) 863-0855
Leigh Heeman

[email protected]

(814) 863-1830