Q: How do I change my home address?
A: You can update your home address online at http://worklion.psu.edu/

Q: How do I change my Allowances of Exemptions for federal taxes?
A: You can update your allowances or exemptions online at  https://worklion.psu.edu/.

Q: How will I receive my W-2 Form since I am leaving Penn State?
A: Please be sure to contact the Payroll Office [email protected] before leaving so we can instruct you how to have your address changed.

Q: Why didn't my address for the payroll records change since I changed my address with the student records?
A: The Payroll employee record and the Student record are housed in different electronic systems, therefore, you need to make the payroll address change online at  https://worklion.psu.edu/.

Q: If I carry an out-of-state address on my W-4, do I have to pay Pennsylvania State taxes?
A: Penn State withholds Pennsylvania State taxes from everyone's paycheck with the exception of individuals who live and work in another state even though they are paid by Penn State or if they are one of the three states that have a reciprocal agreement with the state of Pennsylvania. The three states are Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia. A separate form, Rev-419, found on the state of Pennsylvania website must be completed if you are from any of the three states.

Q: How do I change my bank account for my direct deposit?
A: You can update your direct deposit information online at https://worklion.psu.edu/.

Q: What do I do if I had to close the bank account into which my salary was being deposited, but I didn't inform the Payroll Office?
A: Please contact the Payroll Office at [email protected] as soon as possible to be instructed about the steps that need to be taken.

Q: How do I change the bank account information that I currently have on file to another bank account?
A: You can change your bank account information online at https://worklion.psu.edu/

Q: What do I do if I lost my W-2 or never received my W-2 ?
A: If you are unable to attain the copy of the W2 via https://worklion.psu.edu/, send an email to [email protected] and request a duplicate W-2; be sure to include your name, PSU ID#  and current mailing address.

Q: Why do I have tuition showing on my paycheck when I have already paid my tuition?
A: When an employee's spouse takes graduate level classes the person pays 25% of the cost of the class or classes. The other 75% is considered a taxable benefit by IRS regulation. The employer is required to withhold Federal tax, FICA, and Medi tax on the 75% that is covered by the employer. At PSU we divide the 75% into three and add that portion onto the gross of your check for three pays. The net pay is less due to paying Federal tax, FICA, and Medi on a higher gross. We then show the amount of the tuition that was added into the gross as an "other deduction" to reflect the increased gross. Sometimes it is helpful if you can compare one of your check stubs that did not have the tuition shown to help you understand how it works.

Q: Why am I having healthcare withheld from my paycheck when I am a graduate student?
A: Information on this question can be found on the Student Affairs website at http://studentaffairs.psu.edu/ .

Q: How can I obtain a summary of my earnings for  2017 and earlier years?
A: If you are a current employee, you can access your current and year-to-date earnings online at https://worklion.psu.edu/ 

Q: How do I change my Penn State Federal Credit Union deduction amount?
A: The forms required to make this change can be found on GURU in the Forms Section of Payroll. After you complete them they need to be processed by the Credit Union. The Credit Union will pass the necessary information to the Payroll Office for processing.

Q: Do I have to pay the Local Service Tax more than once a year if I have more than one employer?
A: If you have already had the Local Service Tax withheld by an employer other than Penn State, send the PSU Payroll Office a photocopy of the other employer's statement showing that you have already had the tax withheld and a Local Services Tax Exemption Certificate that can be found at https://dced.pa.gov/download/local_government/tax_information/act_32_resources/regulations_and_procedures/lstexemptioncertificate_4_.pdf. Once we have the appropriate information, we can stop the tax from being withheld from that point forward, however, you'll have to request refunds from the appropriate taxing authority where you work, not where you reside.