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Payroll Office

The Payroll department is responsible for processing payroll payments and withholdings for all employees of The Pennsylvania State University. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, pay our employees correctly and in a timely fashion.


The Pennsylvania State University Payroll Office
James M. Elliott Building, Suite 101
120 South Burrowes Street
University Park PA 16802

Phone: (814) 865-7621
Fax: (814) 865-9652
Email: [email protected]

Payroll Organizational Chart (pdf).

Payroll Staff and Support Areas


 W2 Questions?  [email protected]  
Raymond Burke [email protected] Payroll Manager
Tammy Brooks, Asst Mgr [email protected] Assistant Manager; Pay & Effort, Repayments, Taxable Benefits (Imputed Income)
Kathleen Huey, Supervisor [email protected] Payroll Processing, Retroactive Transactions, Taxable Benefits (Imputed Income),Stop Payments, SERS Payments
Carmen Chatterley  [email protected] Direct (ACH) Deposits Inquiries
Charla Culbertson [email protected] LST - Local Service Tax inquiries, Wage Tax inquires
Chris Illig [email protected]  
Kelli Keller [email protected] Repayments
Barb Lang Koch [email protected]  Credit Union
 Nancy Yoder, Supervisor [email protected] Payments for Foreign Nationals, Foreign National Tax Issues; 1042-S inquires
Brandon Rhodes [email protected] Payment for Foreign Nationals, Tax Treaties; 1042-S inquires
    Payment for Foreign Nationals, Tax Treaties