Merchant Management

The Merchant Management team is comprised of domain area experts from the Office of the Corporate Controller and Information Technology Services. With the increasing demand for the acceptance of electronic payments, the aim of this group is to provide input, guidance, and oversight in all aspects of managing this method of commerce.


Merchant Management Contact List
Area Domain Expertise Contact Email Phone
Office of Information Security Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI DSS) and Network Security


Courtney Hughes



[email protected]




Administrative Information Systems eCommerce Services: Converge Wendy Weaver [email protected] 3-8169
Shelley Butler Patrick [email protected] 3-9472
Controller's Office Strategic Direction, Contract Review, Rate Negotiation Kim Fisher [email protected] 5-1821
Sue Wiedemer [email protected] 5-1356
Patricia Battaglia [email protected] 3-2838
Operational Oversight

Karen Hughes


Val Warner

[email protected]


[email protected]




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