Invoicing Summary

Accounts are coded in IBIS to indicate the invoice and sponsor type and frequency.

Standard Invoicing Process Overview

  1. End of Billing Period Accounting Close
  2. Invoice Created
  3. Invoice entered into BINR screen
  4. Invoice submitted to sponsor
  5. Payment received
  6. BINR screen updated with income

(Steps 2-4 happen 5-20 days after end of billing period)

Non-Standard Invoicing

  • Research Accounting is the default generator of invoices
    • Customized invoicing can be coordinated with the departments, which usually involves information not available centrally, by Research Accounting

Unpaid Invoices

  • Unpaid invoices are monitored by the monthly Aging Report
  • Follow up with sponsor as appropriate to determine the reason for non-payment
  • For Industrial accounts, invoice copies are resent as a payment reminder

Match/Cost Share

  • Accountants coordinate with the departments to obtain cost share invoicing details