Insurance Requirements for Caterers

Any questions regarding these instructions should be directed to [email protected].

For a Caterer to be placed on the Risk Management Accepted Caterer list, the following information must be provided to the Risk Management Office:

NEW REQUIREMENT – Caterers need to sign and return a COVID-19 Acknowledgment.  Please email [email protected] for a copy of this acknowledgment. 

A Certificate of Insurance must be issued as follows:

  1. The Certificate Holder must be shown as:
    The Pennsylvania State University
    c/o Risk Management Office
    227 West Beaver Avenue, Suite 103
    State College, PA 16801
  2. The Certificate of Insurance must evidence not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence of both General Liability and Products Liability Insurances, written on an occurrence basis, including contractual liability.
  3. The Pennsylvania State University must be shown as an Additional Insured.
  4. Statutory Workers’ Compensation Insurance must be evidenced. If you are not required to carry workers’ compensation, please submit WC Waiver Request along with your certificate.
  5. If the caterer wishes to serve of alcohol, regardless if the caterer purchases the alcohol, Liquor Liability Insurance of $1,000,000 per occurrence with The Pennsylvania State University named as an Additional Insured must be evidenced on the Certificate.
  6. The caterer or its insurance carrier must provide thirty (30) days-notice of cancellation.

By submitting an insurance certificate to be included on this University’s Accepted list, Company acknowledges that it has read University Policy AD72 and will ensure that its employees, subcontractor employees and volunteers (“Company Representatives”) who will work on University premises  are aware of the applicable reporting provisions which require Company Representatives who have a reasonable suspicion of child abuse, as defined by Pennsylvania law, to make a report as outlined in the policy. 


  1. Caterers that have met our insurance requirements will be listed by County on the Risk Management web site under the Vendors Tab. This list is utilized by all locations of The Pennsylvania State University.
  2. In order to remain on this list, an updated Certificate of Insurance must be supplied to The Risk Management Office whenever the insurance is renewed, which normally occurs on an annual basis. IF the certificate is not received prior to the expiration date, the caterer will fall off this list and cannot be used until an updated certificate is received. The University will not contact you prior to this occurring.
  3. Any notice from the Insurance Company that the insured’s insurance has been cancelled for any reason will result in the deletion from the listing.
  4. The University reserves the right at all times to accept or reject the insurance company(s) shown on the certificate and to delete any listed vendor at any time.
  5. Due to the University's contractual agreement, caterers must serve Pepsi Products at all events.
  6. Faxed (814) 865-4029 or emailed ([email protected]) certificate are acceptable.