Indemnification Agreement Instructions

All Non-PSU Groups using the University's premises are required by Board of Trustees' Policy AD-2 to complete the University's Indemnification Agreement before the use can occur. Any PSU employee who is assigned the responsibility of handling these requests from non-PSU groups should be thoroughly familiar with Policy AD-2 and any other relevant AD policies.

What steps are to be followed when your Department receives a request from a non-University group wishing to use University premises:

  1. Verify the non-profit status of the requesting group.
    1. If the requesting Group's status is for-profit, verify the activity is noncommercial in nature (such as a company having a training or teleconference session for its employees) in accordance with Policy AD-27.
    2. NOTE: Use of University facilities or property for commercial sales activity by individuals or non-University organizations is prohibited. Private for-profit sports camps are prohibited.
  1. Verify the event in question is not degrading in nature to the University's status and mission and does not violate governing laws or University policy.
    University Park facilities (except The Nittany Lion Inn, The Penn Stater Conference Center and Hotel, and the Bryce Jordan Center) within the above policy (or policies AD01 and AD03), shall apply to University Relations, 309 Old Main. After applications are reviewed by appropriate personnel, including those designated with management or assignment responsibility for specific areas, actions relative to the approval are issued through Department of Community Relations.

    NOTE: Prior to approval of requests for use of facilities at University Park, University Relations shall check with The Nittany Lion Inn, The Penn Stater Conference Center and Hotel, and the Bryce Jordan Center, to assure that approval for the use of specific facilities requested will not interfere with plans in progress by these entities for the use of those facilities. When approvals are granted, copies of such approvals shall be provided to The Nittany Lion Inn, The Penn Stater Conference Center and Hotel, or the Bryce Jordan Center, as appropriate.

    Locations other than University Park within the above policy shall apply to the budget executive at the campus or facility. These applications are acted upon by the budget executive who is responsible for ascertaining the appropriateness of the request within the policy set forth above and for making the final decision concerning the request.

  2. The University employee in charge of getting the University Release and Indemnification Agreement signed will need to complete all the information at the top of the form and make sure to add your contact information at the bottom of the form in the section marked “For the Campus/College”. Do NOT have the group fill it out themselves as they often fail to provide all of the necessary information.
  3. Send Indemnification Agreement to the Outside Organization for signature.
  4. When you receive the signed University Release and Indemnification Agreement and the Certificate of Insurance (if applicable) you will need to review to make sure everything is in order.
    -University Relations (at University Park), and the budget executive (at locations other than University Park), shall keep complete records of the authorized use of facilities by non-University groups. The records will include the name of the group, the purpose of the meeting, the meeting date, the approximate attendance, the cost reimbursement or fee, if any, and the University facilities used.
    -Copies must be sent to the Risk Management Office, either faxed to (814) 865-4029 or emailed to [email protected] (24 hours).
    -Please allow a MINIMUM of two weeks prior to the date of the event for Risk Management to receive the Indemnification Agreement and any required Certificate of Insurance. The more time you can give Risk Management to review them, the better it is for all parties concerned.
    -Due to the amount of paperwork our office receives we request you ALWAYS include a copy of the University Release and Indemnification Agreement with any Certificate of Insurance being faxed to Risk Management.
  5. Risk Management will notify the Campus/College contact person listed at the bottom of the agreement if there are any issues with the paperwork.