Forms that are required by the Risk Management Office are listed below.

  • Contract Cover Sheet (8/10)
  • HR99, AD39, & AD72 Addendum/Amendment Templates - For use with contracts where the University is engaging a Company as an independent contractor and this language is not already included in the agreement. There are two versions of the template depending on whether the independent contractor will be interacting with minors. Use the appropriate template outlined below:
    • HR99 & AD72 Addendum/Amendment Template- For independent contractors where contractor employees are not interacting with minors in a youth program, activity or service, use this version in the applicable contract.

    • HR99, AD39, & AD72 Addendum/Amendment Template (interaction with minors) - For independent contractors with contact with children (where contractor employees are interacting with minors in a youth program, activity or service), use this version in the applicable contract.

  • Incident Report - For reporting accidents resulting in a bodily injury or property damage only.
  • Indemnification Agreement - use of PSU Premises by Non-PSU
    Groups. NOTE: Please submit with cover sheet that includes /contact information.
  • Permission to Possess/Use Alcoholic Beverages (Per Policy AD18)
  • Policy AD03 Exceptions - Checklist for operating a youth camp on campus. Although it is primarily designed for units desiring to be granted an exception to Policy AD-03 requiring Outreach's involvement in such programming, this can also be used if no authorization from Outreach will be required. (1/2012)
  • Property Loss Report - Any Department, College or Campus sustaining a loss should complete this form.
  • Standardized University Entertainment Agreements
  • Request for Certificate of Insurance
  • Vehicle Accident Report - University driver must complete no matter how minor the accident.
  • Workers' Compensation Waiver (pdf)

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