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Financial Information Systems

The Financial Information Systems (FIS) department at The Pennsylvania State University strives to serve the needs of the financial users throughout the University and the employees of the Corporate Controller’s office. Our primary roles are to provide analysis and programming support for financial applications and to provide a local network and computers for the Corporate Controller staff located in James M. Elliott Building and Rider II Building. We also provide some training in various financial applications. The FIS team strives to provide exceptional customer support to all aspects of our services. We continually look for opportunities to streamline processes with automated procedures to assist with making the central operations of the University more efficient.


Interoffice Mail:
Financial Information Systems
111 James M Elliott Building
University Park

U.S. Mail:
Financial Information Systems
The Pennsylvania State University
120 S Burrowes Street Ste 111
State College PA 16801

Fax: (814) 863-6862

Contacts by Question

Questions about... Contact Phone
IBIS Jan Barnoff 814-865-4036
IBIS Access Jan Barnoff 814-865-4036
Imaging Krista Shaw 814-865-9682

IBIS Financial

IBIS Financial training is conducted by Penn State IT Learning and Development

Course descriptions as well as links for registration can be found by searching for IBIS on the ITLD site.

Financial Information Systems Staff

* - Assigned to SIMBA Project effective June 1, 2018

Name Email Phone
Jan Barnoff, Mgr [email protected] 814-865-4036
Mary Breon * [email protected] 814-865-4037
Trevor Heckman [email protected] 814-865-4038
Amy Johns [email protected] 814-867-3627
Jeremy Kanouff * [email protected] 814-867-5641
David Keller [email protected] 814-867-2916
Saritha Kuchipudi [email protected] 814-865-9565
Kelly Miller * [email protected] 814-865-9699
Robert Miller [email protected] 814-865-0170
Randy Neidigh [email protected] 814-867-2909
Dawn Haines [email protected] 814-867-6364
Susan Shilling [email protected] 814-865-0147
Kim Thorp [email protected] 814-865-0353

Financial Information Systems Organizational Chart (pdf).


We aspire to provide quality service, analysis, programming, network and IT support; identifying issues and offering innovative solutions to enable our customers to accomplish their goals.


Financial Information Systems shall be governed by the following values:

  • Accountability
    Accept personal responsibility for our actions, exemplify high ethical standards and always strive to improve our effectiveness.
  • Customer Service
    Promote open communication, ongoing collaboration, timely deliverables, respectful interactions, and the free exchange of ideas to assure the highest level of satisfaction.
  • Diversity
    Actively promote, advocate, respect, and value others and ourselves as unique individuals with a commitment to success and personal development.
  • Excellence/Quality
    Value and encourage innovation, creativity, and commitment in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction while ensuring accuracy.
  • Integrity
    Foster an environment of respect, dignity, and compassion that affirms and empowers all employees while striving for the highest ethical standards and social responsibility.
  • Stewardship/Sustainability
    Ensure effective, efficient use of University resources by implementing fiscally sound practices and environmentally sustainable initiatives.
  • Teamwork
    Support and encourage communication, cooperation, and understanding at all levels of employment to ensure a high level of competence and expertise.