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Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis is primarily responsible for the preparation, submission and negotiation of the University’s Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rates and Fringe Benefits Rates. The department also coordinates and supports Government audit reviews, cost compliance, Disclosure Statement changes and University charge out rates.


If you have questions for Cost Analysis email:

Interoffice Mail:
Cost Analysis, 300 James M. Elliott Building

U.S. Mail:
Cost Analysis
Suite 300
120 South Burrowes Street
State College, PA 16801

Phone: (814) 865-1914
Fax: (814) 865-3937


Charge Out Rates

Charge out rates are established under University Policy AD15, Fees and Charges for Facilities and Services.   Rates are submitted to the Corporate Controller for approval with appropriate documentation, disclosures and signatures. See Submission of Proposal for New or Existing Fees Form (pdf form, requires Access Account login).

Additional guidance is provided in:

AD15 Approved Rate List:

F&A Proposal Submission Required Data:

Other Resources:

Cost Analysis Staff (3rd floor Elliott Bldg)

Name Position Email Phone
Jennifer Rowles Department Manager 814-863-0505
Arden Packer Assistant Manager 814-865-4048
Greg Davidson Indirect Cost Analyst 814-863-0886
William Ridgway Indirect Cost Analyst 814-863-2118
Vacant Data Analyst    
Val Klinger Administrative Assistant 814-865-1823
Kimberly Croft Sr. Dir. Research Admin 814-865-1962

Cost Analysis organizational chart (pdf)