Awards & Recognition

To ensure dedicated employees who excel, are awarded and recognized for their accomplishments, the following is a list of awards and recognition programs that have been established University wide, within Finance & Business and the Office of the Corporate Controller.

Office of the Corporate Controller

Charles R. Chambers AwardA gift of $300 is given to one exempt and one non-exempt employee who have exhibited a conscientious and dedicated attitude toward his or her professional responsibilities above that normally expected or required. Annual nominations are collected early in the year.

Note: Present recipient(s) of Chambers Award could be nominated by committee for one of the F&Bs QSQP Awards.

Past Recipients:

2020: Kevin Mahood
2019: Val Klinger, Esther Cali
2018: Deborah Meder, Diane Keshvari
2017: Donna Jones
2016: Jan Grasser, Chris Sorensen
2015: Sandy Dreibelbis, Kelley King
2014: Richel Perretti, Julie Dillion
2013: Cathy Helsel, Katrina Walker
2012: Janice Pearce, Diana Cramer
2011: Cristene Boob, Shirley Bair
2010: Tina Barr, Kevin Peterson
2009: Jackie Babcock, Kathy McWilliams
2008: Donna Neideigh, Lorna Maloy
2006: Bonnie Burris
2001: Frank Vongehr
1998: Erma Bubb
1997: Janice Barnoff
1996: Clifton Sando, Ralph Hosterman
1995: Martha Bowman
1994: Thomas Corman
1993: Susan Werner
1992: Jon Nirnberger
1991: Patricia Krauss, Robin Miller
1990: William Miller
1989: Patricia Auker
1987: Mary Zeek
1986: Frederick Saylor
1985: Edward Rusbarsky
1984: Stephen Curley
1983: Fred Hopkins
1982: Roseann Sieminski
1981: Donald Tressler
1980: M. David Holderman

Finance & Business 

Quality Service, Quality People AwardsFebruary 3, 2016 from David J. Gray, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business/Treasurer

For several years, the Quality Service, Quality People awards are presented to Finance and Business employees who exemplify specific criteria that focus on Customer Service, Diversity, Leadership, and Mentoring/Guidance. This recognition program supported the strategic priorities for Finance and Business that ended in 2013. As we move forward into the future focusing on the 2014-2018 Strategic Priorities, it’s time to pause, reevaluate, and reenergize our recognition programming.

As with any reward and recognition program, experts recommend evaluating practices and programs regularly to ensure organizations are providing meaningful recognition. Our current programs served Finance and Business very well over the years, recognizing many outstanding individuals as a result. For this year, we will be suspending the Quality Service, Quality People awards in order to take time to assess and develop recommendations for 2016-17 and beyond.

Years of Service to Penn State Award – Employees reaching years of service in 5-yr increments receive token of recognition and framed certificate. Your HR Office will provide managers a list of eligible employees for the current calendar year and will notify eligible employees.


Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards – Annual nominations are submitted to Penn State Office of Human Resources, no later than mid-December through mid-January.

  • The Barash Award for Human Services Award
  • The McKay Donkin Award
  • The Award for Administrative Excellence
  • The Staff Excellence Award
  • The Staff Support Award
  • The Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award

25-Year Service Award – This award is given throughout the year. Your Human Resources Office will coordinate with each recipient of their recognition choice and will provide managers a list of eligible employees when appropriate.

Please refer to policy for eligibility. If there is a break in service, prior time is counted toward the 25-year service award.