AURA Changes for Research Protocols

Research Protocols Information - Page 10 

New page (page 10) was added. This page contains information about research protocols for an account.

After AURA form is processed and account is created research protocols fields can be updated/displayed with URSP/IRSP functions.

There is help available for research protocol fields where valid value can be selected from a list of choices (press PF1 on each the field).

To expedite processing by the central desk, an approval number should be entered.

When AURA form is processed with research protocols fields other than ‘none’, form will be rerouted to one of new central desks. If a new Hershey account with a research protocol is created, the form will be routed automatically to &RPH desk. All other (not Hershey’s) AURA forms are sent to &RPT desk.

At these desks, the research protocol information can be modified. Research protocol fields can not be modified on the AURA form after it is approved at this level. After form is approved at this step, it is automatically routed to Research Accounting. If any changes to these fields have to be made, the form would have to be rejected.