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Accounting Operations

. . . where the check actually is in the mail on time.

We strive to consistently meet the demands of our customers in a timely and efficient manner. Whether it is:

  • verifying an invoice for payment,
  • approving a Special Request for Check,
  • providing special handling on a check, or
  • issuing a stop payment

Accounting Operations delivers the service. We look forward to being of assistance to you.


Important news, announcements, events, and other information intended for the Penn State community is listed in the table below with links to that information.

Date To Subject
4-23-2019 Dept Heads, Campus Dirs of Bus Svcs, FOs Carryforward Policy and Year-End Closing Guidelines 2018-2019
1-9-2018 All University employees MOVING EXPENSES ARE NOW TAXABLE - Due to changes to the federal tax law, all moving expenses incurred after 2017 that are paid or reimbursed by the University will be taxable to employees. There are no longer non-taxable payments for relocation expenses under the law. As such, all University paid or reimbursed moving expenses will be reported as taxable income and subject to University payroll tax withholding. Any questions should be directed to the University Tax Manager.
5-10-2018 Dept Heads, Campus Dirs of Bus Svcs, FOs

ORDERING PRE-NUMBERED RECEIPTS - Please prepare an Interdepartmental Charges and Credits (IDCC) in IBIS to order pre-numbered receipt books.  Systems & Procedures will continue to fill these orders.

The Supplying Department ID is &sys

The unit cost is $3.00 per book and all orders must be for a minimum of 5 books.

Please contact Mindy Barnett at 814-863-8662 or by email at with any questions pertaining to pre-numbered receipts.


James M. Elliott Building, Suite 202
University Park, PA 16802

Accounting Operations Phone: (814) 865-7635
Accounts Payable/Files Phone: (814) 865-4421
Fax: (814) 865-0533

Contacts by Question

Questions about... Dept. Contact
Accounting Operations computer support AO Joe
Accounting problems / questions AC


Accounts Payable inquiries AP/Files Lynnea
Approval of @ACB central desk (SRFCs with backup) AO Kim/Joe/Rachael
Bookkeeping problems, questions, posting errors AO Lynnea
Check Inquiries AO Lynnea/Natasha
Direct Deposit questions AC Joe
Diskritter quarterly payments AO Joe
Document scanning and indexing AP/Files Tammy/Minerva
Escheat AO Joe
Foreign Draft payments AC Amber
Foreign Payee payment questions AO Amber
IRS Form 1099 processing AO Emma
Journal vouchers processing AO Lynnea

Journal JVDP / JVCN questions

AC Joe
Moving Expense reporting AC Amber
Local Services Tax (LST) refunds (formerly EMST) AO Jacquie
Optical Imaging inquires AP/Files Tammy/Minerva
Payment Clearing House AC Amber
Prepare AP checks for mailing AP/Files Tammy/Minerva
Purchase Order and limited order data entry AO Mariko/Rachael
Purchase Order Change Forms / Purchase Order problem solving AO Lynnea

Quarterly unemployment compensation reporting to Commonwealth of PA

AP/Files Lynnea
Special check handling AP/Files Tammy/Minerva
Special mail and UPS requests AP/Files Tammy/Minerva
Stop payment -- accounts payable & payroll checks AO Lynnea/Natasha

Tax exemption certification

AO Mariko
Taxpayer identification number & certification
AO Mariko
TDA & retirement payments AO Joe
Unclaimed property inquires AO Joe
Vendoring errors AO Lynnea
Wage garnishments & Domestic Relations AO Jacquie
Wage tax collector file maintenance AO Jacquie
Wire Transfer requests AC Natasha
Form 1099 GURU Emma


Listed below are various forms, documents, and information useful to the Accounting Operations community.


Accounting Director and Staff (Fax: 814-865-0533)

Name  Email Phone
Joseph R Jones, Director

(814) 865-0649
Jackie Wesley

(814) 863-3882

Amber Iwanski

(814) 865-0647
Jacquelyn Daulby

(814) 865-7680
Emma Jiang

(814) 865-0183
Natasha Stover

(814) 865-0148

Accounting Operations (fax: 814-865-0533)

Name Email Phone
Lynnea Williams, Supervisor

(814) 865-1459
Mariko Marshall

(814) 865-1455

Kim Vance

(814) 865-7160
Rachael Bless

(814) 863-6114

Accounts Payable / Files (fax: 814-865-0533)

Name Email Phone
Tammy Wilkinson

(814) 865-4421
Minerva Saggese

(814) 865-4421

Accounting Operations organization chart (pdf)