Resources | University Financial Officers

Systems and Training
System Purpose Training
ERS A web-based application to submit and approve reimbursement requests Hands-on and OnlineApprover Training
Data Warehouse Provides information on students, employees, classroom facilities, applicants, and financial transactions Hands-on
IBIS Electronic business system used at Penn State, composed of a variety of business applications and systems to provide financial and human resource information Hands-on and Online
FIT Tool for budget administrators to perform management functions for one account with IBIS financial data Hands-on
Document Imaging Centralized hosting service that allows departments to manage documents through the use of the University's site license for Optical Image Technology  
eCommerce Centralized payment processing technology for secure eCommerce environment including ePay, ePay Credit Card Swipe, eCommerce API, and eStore Hosting Online
PAWS Tool for budget administrators to perform management functions for one account with IBIS financial data Online
Workflow Web-based hosting system for University academic, administrative, and financial management processes Online
eDDS Tool that enables users to access and view reports through the Web Online
ISIS Centralized student system that manages the records for all Penn State students at all Penn State locations
  • Reports available via Data Warehouse and eDDS
eSteward Database related to alumni biographical information, memberships, pledge data, and provides services to manage the stewardship of alumni gifts  
eBuy Online marketplace where Penn State faculty and staff can purchase everything from office and scientific supplies to furniture. Online
webRAT Web-based tool for assignment of roles. This system also provides the ability to establish approval and notification options for various University business processes. Online DocumentationBreeze Session
Authorized Approval System Web-based tool available to Financial Officers and Directors of Business Services to establish, change, reassign, or rescind approvals. Online Documentation
Other Resources
Resource Purpose
AIS Systems Directory Offers valuable information about University listed systems and data sources (contact information, access and security requirements, training opportunities, and direct links)
ERS Approver Application A web-based application for FOs to make changes to approval flows within ERS
UBO FO Reference Includes links to Budget Amendment instructions for GSI processing, Budget Development System (BudDev), Detailed Operational Calendar, and FAQs.
X-Coding Guidelines For costs not allowable under OMB Circular A-21, Guideline FNG05
2 CFR Office of Management and Budget: 
  • Cost Principles for Educational Institutions (OMB Circular A-21)
  • Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Other Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals and Other Non-Profit Organizations (OMB Circular A-110)
Merchant Management Website Provides information regarding the acceptance of electronic payments and the related PSU policies, operational details, and training.
Airfare Booking Matrix Provides guidelines for type of travel, payment options, and sources of booking.