Contact & Staff Information | Risk Management

Risk Management Office
The Pennsylvania State University
227 West Beaver Avenue
Suite 103 Rider Building
State College, PA 16801

(814) 865-6307

  • Contracts, Caterers, Vendors or Certificates of Insurance
    Option 1 for Cris Boob
    Option 2 for Amy Shilling
    Option 3 for Richel Perretti
  • Accident, Claims Issues or Attorney Inquiries
    Option 4 for Peggy Janowiak
  • Insurance Issues
    Option 5 for Kim Hannon
    Option 6 for David Snowe
  • Questions regarding alcohol request forms
    Option 5  for Kim Hannon
  • To reach the Risk Officer
    Option 7 for Gary Langsdale

Fax: (814) 865-4029

Office Staff

Risk Management Organizational Chart

Name Title Email Phone
Cristene Boob Contract Coordinator 865-0512
Julie Farris Outreach Contract Coordinator 867-5451
Kim Hannon Insurance Support Assistant 863-5545
Margaret Janowiak Claims Manager 863-5539
Gary Langsdale University Risk Officer 865-6308
Lorrie Neiburg Health Care Operations Risk Mgr. 717-531-0003 
ext. 283639
Richel Perretti Contract Manager 863-5538
Mark Savereno Senior Contract Assistant 865-2072
Amy Shilling Contracts Support Assistant 867-4906
David Snowe Assistant Director 863-4241

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