Staff | Research Accounting

The Research Accounting organizational chart:

RA Org Chart (PDF file)

The abbreviations in the "Area" column below are defined as:

G=Governmental, I=Industrial, S=Administrative Support

The table below lists staff members, their title, area of expertise, and email address.
Name Title Area Email Phone
Matt Beissel Supervisor G 865-0643
Cim Besecker Supervisor S 865-1747
Tracy Cavanaugh Accountant I 865-2683
Jamie Clinton Financial Assistant S   865-0644
Diane Crebs Accountant G 865-2680
Michael Forsberg Manager all 865-0651
Camille Hazenstab Accountant I 865-0646
Crystal Kachik Accountant All 863-0272
Richard Killian Director All 865-7525
Angi Lansberry Accountant G 865-2676
Hiral Parikh Accountant G 865-9936
Lori Peachey Accountant G 863-8804
Cissy Reese Accounting Asst S 863-2233
Kylie Rogers Accountant G 865-2675
Kelsey Witherite Accountant I 865-2685