Reconciler Listserv | Purchasing Card

Reconciler Listserv

To assure that information regarding the reconciliation of the purchasing card reaches all reconcilers, a Listserv has been established. This Listserv is maintained by Kevin Spotts, ( Karen Hughes, ( ) and Debbie Meder ( ) and is open to anyone who wishes to subscribe. It is highly recommended that anyone who has responsibility for reconciliation subscribe to this Listserv. It will be used to post updates on changes in the Purchasing Card program (changes in exceptions for use, revisions to policy or procedure) and will be used to send important information about the system (i.e. system problems or changes).  Follow the link to subscribe or manage your subscription.  The Reconciler Listserv is named L-PCRECO and can be found via a search in the Subscriber's Corner of the listserv website.  

PLEASE ONLY POST MESSAGES OR INFORMATION ON THE LISTSERV THAT EVERYONE WILL BE INTERESTED IN. If you have a question just for me, send it to, not the Listserv. If I feel that everyone will gain from the answer to the question, I will send it out on the Listserv for everyone else to read.

If you have any problems subscribing to the Listserv, contact your Financial Officer first. If you still have problems, please send e-mail to or call Kevin Spotts at 814-865-7765.