OnLine Bankcard Center Directions for PSU | Purchasing Card

Dear Cardholders,


On July 31, 2015, PNC Bank decommissioned the PNC Online BankCard Center website (  This is the website that is used to view your pcard statements online.  The website will be replaced with a new version called CentreSuite.  The new version may be accessed at


During the registration process, cardholders will be asked to agree to the end user license agreement.  Purchasing has reviewed the terms of the end user license agreement and has authorized cardholders to agree to the click through agreement to use this site.  During the registration process, it will ask you to enter your activation code.   The activation code is your full PSU ID number. 


Please note that you are not required to use this website and it will not replace the paper statements that are mailed each month.  It is only to supplement the paper statements and allow you to view your statement before it is mailed.  Hard copy statements must still be reviewed, signed and retained by the cardholder for one year per University policy.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kevin Spotts.


Thank you.