Dispute Process | Purchasing Card

Dispute Process

If a cardholder is aware of an unauthorized charge that has occurred on their Purchasing Card, either due to a compromise or an unsuccessfully pursued merchant credit, a dispute for the charge should be filed through PNC Bank. Disputes must be filed no later than 60 days after receipt of the first statement on which the error or problem occurred. If a merchant has informed the cardholder that a credit will be issued but it is not received within one month, a dispute should be filed in order for it to be received within the 60 day timeframe. If the merchant does issue credit after the cardholder has filed the dispute, the dispute may be cancelled. PNC will not accept disputes received after 60 days.

The dispute form can be found on the back of the statement. When filing a dispute, please be as detailed as possible. The cardholder should keep a copy of the dispute form to give to the Reconciler and record when the dispute was sent. PNC will send an acknowledgement letter to the cardholder for all disputes filed. If the cardholder does not receive an acknowledgement letter from the bank within one month from when it was sent, please contact the Purchasing Card Coordinator so that verification of receipt can be made with PNC Bank. PNC has up to 90 days to resolve all disputes.