Vision & Values | Financial Information Systems

Vision and Values Statements


We aspire to provide quality service, analysis, programming, network and IT support; identifying issues and offering innovative solutions to enable our customers to accomplish their goals.


Financial Information Systems shall be governed by the following values:

  • Accountability
    Accept personal responsibility for our actions, exemplify high ethical standards and always strive to improve our effectiveness.
  • Customer Service
    Promote open communication, ongoing collaboration, timely deliverables, respectful interactions, and the free exchange of ideas to assure the highest level of satisfaction.
  • Diversity
    Actively promote, advocate, respect, and value others and ourselves as unique individuals with a commitment to success and personal development.
  • Excellence/Quality
    Value and encourage innovation, creativity, and commitment in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction while ensuring accuracy.
  • Integrity
    Foster an environment of respect, dignity, and compassion that affirms and empowers all employees while striving for the highest ethical standards and social responsibility.
  • Stewardship/Sustainability
    Ensure effective, efficient use of University resources by implementing fiscally sound practices and environmentally sustainable initiatives.
  • Teamwork
    Support and encourage communication, cooperation, and understanding at all levels of employment to ensure a high level of competence and expertise.