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To avoid computer connectivity problems, please use the System DNS host name when configuring computers.

The host name of the server is:

Installation and Setup to the FISDataMart

The first time you access the FISDataMart, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open MS Access, select a blank database. Click on OK.
  2. Name the database.  Click on Create.
  3. Go to file pull down, Get External Data, select Link Tables…
  4. Change Files of Type to ODBC Databases().
  5. In the ODBC Data Source Administrator change tab to System DSN , select the Add... button.
  6. At the Create New Data Source, select SQL Server driver, click on Finish.
  7. At the Create New Data Source to SQL Server, fill in the following for:

Name: FISDataMart 
Description: Corporate Controller Data Warehouse 

Select Next.

  1. At the ‘How should SQL server verify the authenticity of the login ID?' -- leave it at the default selection:  'With Windows NT authentication using the network login ID'.

    Select Next.

  2. At the next dialog box, the default selections are fine.
  1. Change the default databases to: verify it is 'FISDataMart'
  2. Attach database file name - Unchecked
  3. Create temporary stored procedures - Checked
  4. Use ANSI quoted identifiers - Checked
  5. Use ANSI nulls… - Checked
  6. Use the fail over SQL server … - Unchecked
Click on Next.
  1. At the next dialog box, the default selections are fine.
  1. Change the language of SQL Server system message to. - Unchecked
  2. Perform translation for character data - Checked
  3. Use regional settings when outputting currency, numbers, dates and times - Unchecked
  4. Save long running queries to the log file - Unchecked
  5. Log ODBC driver statistics to the log file – Unchecked

Click on Finish. (You can test connectivity to the data source by clicking on the Test Data Source button.)

  1. At the next dialog box, select OK.
  2. At the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box, select FISDataMart.
  3. At the next dialog box, select the desired tables from the database.

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