FAQ | Accounting Operations

Many questions are presented to Accounting Operations staff. Some of the most frequent questions are listed below with the contact person.
1 What is the procedure for stop payments?
What do I have to do? Whom do I contact?
AO Lynnea
2 Who do I call to see if / when a check has been cashed? AO Lynnea
3 How do I find out if and when a check was written, when it was mailed out, and to what address? AP/Files Tammy
4 Who do I contact for questions related to PO Change Forms? AO Lynnea
5 Who do I contact for questions related to processed payments? AP/Files Lynnea
6 What should I do if I've paid the LST tax (formerly called the Emergency & Municipal Services Tax (EMST) through another employer? AO Joe